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We don’t even realize it, but we’re tackling the importance of remembering the past daily, regardless of whether or not we notice.

Kenny Harmon, also known as Sad Papaw, is a person who reminisces a lot. Like many of us, Kenny can’t help but remember days that have long gone. Sad Papaw’s early years are well-documented and detailed in one of his books titled Sad Papaw: The Early Years.

So, have you ever experienced being lost inside a daydream and reliving a beloved time from the past? Then we’re here to show you that remembering the past is alright and that doing so is very valuable.

Defining What Memories Are

At its core, memories are the moments, experiences, and events we have stored and lived in our minds. The memories can be mundane, exciting, happy, or sad, but each makes up for the entire web of our lives. Our memories aid us in reflecting on our past, analyzing the present’s happenings, and planning for the future.

The memories stored in our minds also give us a sense of identity, letting us connect with other people by simply sharing our experiences. As creatures of higher intelligence, we can recall memories through physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Simple things like smells, sights, or sounds can even trigger our memories in a snap of a finger.

But there are moments when we intentionally relive and revisit memories hidden inside the caverns of our minds. Plenty of memories fade, but many memories also stay inside our heads.

Memories Are Important Because They Help Shape Our Identities

Everybody’s memories are vital in shaping our identities and view of ourselves. It helps us fully understand and acquaint ourselves with who we are and the place where we are from. Our memories are the ones that shape our personality traits, values, beliefs, and life stories. It also helps us reflect on the moments we experience.

The inherent importance of remembering the past is something that all of us must collectively realize. Kenny Harmon’s Sad Papaw’s Early Years captures just how valuable the act of remembering the past truly is. Readers can follow Kenny’s growth in Oklahoma’s early days in the book.

When it comes to understanding why the past is special for human beings, we can safely say that it’s because our identities are tied to them.

Memories Give Helpful Emotional Support to People

Human memories can become a source of support and comfort for anyone, especially when things get tough. These memories remind us of pleasant times and provide us with hope for our future. In this manner, memories give emotional support and can aid us in healing and processing traumatic experiences.

Sharing memories other people need to hear provides comfort for others. Our memories can aid in strengthening our bonds and connecting with our loved ones. In addition, making new memories can be a positive distraction whenever tough times come knocking on our door. Such a distraction helps people keep their optimism and hope for better days.

Memories Help Us Improve the Relationships We Have

Whether it’s a special moment or a shared experience, memories aid us in cherishing and holding on to what matters most in the relationships we build. We can fortify relationships with anyone who chooses us by preserving and treasuring our memories.

If you want to strengthen your bonds with others, then sharing memories can help you do just that. Whenever we share a memory with others, we open up the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. Doing so allows others to see who we truly are and connect with us on a genuine level.

This more profound connection lets us understand each other better and brings us closer together.

Always Keep the Importance of Remembering the Past in Mind

Don’t deny yourself of the need to remember the past and the experiences that came along with it. Memories are a crucial part of ourselves and play a valuable role in molding our lives. Let yourself reminisce, reflect, and seek comfort from days long gone.

With that said, don’t forget to grab a copy of Kenny Harmon’s Sad Papaw’s Early Years and reminisce with him. Check out some of our other blog posts, and learn how to write stories from experiences!

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