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The importance of family makes up a societal impact, making individuals create harmonious relationships with others.

Kenny Harmon, or “Sad Papaw,” rose to fame when a photo of him circulated on the social media platform Twitter. His granddaughter, Kelsey, tweeted a photo of him eating a burger alone at the dining table when his other grandkids were not able to come. The photo gained empathy from the netizens and gave him the nickname “Sad Papaw.”

Kenny “Sad Papaw” Harmon has published four books that feature his family:

–         Sad Papaw’s Heritage

–         Sad Papaw: The Early Years

–         Reflections Part I

–         Reflections Part II

Family, biological or not, is a unit and a system within the system of society. Each unit functions as a caring system that looks after the other in order to achieve basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, and clothing.

What is the importance of family?

Family Influences One’s Individuality

Family is an integral part of one’s individuality. It is one of the factors that make up a person’s characteristics on how they handle anything that comes their way. Those who grew up with parents have more privilege and chances to move forward in life than those who grew up in the orphanage.

The importance of family equals the values that the member conveys to society. Parents would normally teach their children with values and life lessons. Life lessons include chores, finance, empathy, and other values in life.

Family Develops Us

As we grow, we tend to learn and carry on culture, wisdom, values, and sense of family from our own family. We develop our individuality around parents and siblings. The experiences and bonds that we share mold us to become the person that we are today.

We also develop our self-esteem in the family. Self-esteem is the confidence of one’s worth. Without this, a person will find it difficult to make closer connections with people. This value helps a person perceive himself as important, providing an idea to take care of oneself first before others. It is an important aspect that helps one to move forward and find success in life.

Family Can Set Future Relationships

We learn basic values at home that we apply to the real world. Each family in the society is unique. One could have a wide extension of other units, letting the children get to know the nuclear members. Another family could be a single unit in the community. This family might not have any other connections outside of the area.

If the family imparts good morals and values to the children, the children can apply these to other people who would be their friends, workmates, or partners in the future. If a family fails to teach their children good manners, their future with other people can be difficult. However, a child can also learn these values at school, but starting at home would be best.

Family is a Haven to Come Back To

When a person gets overwhelmed with problems and heavy loads in life, he can always go back to his family for comfort. Families instinctually help their members in times of trouble. A home is a haven where one can always get back to, think deeply, and revisit life decisions.

The importance of family during a breakdown is strong. A family is a sanctuary to find balance for our mental health and well-being. When family values are strong, a person can always find assurance of healing and peace.

Education Starts with Family

Education always starts within the family. Parents teach their young about the world. Home is always the first school that everyone has as the parents would naturally impart their knowledge to the young. These lessons include values and basic skills they need in order to fend on their own when they grow up. Parents also tend to share relationship advice that their children can take with them and apply when people try to form relationships with them.

Family Improves Communication

One important key to a strong and flourishing relationship is communication. Communication lets a person convey or express a message to others using verbal, gestural, or emotional media. With this, a person can get connected to people around him quickly and safely.

Instinctually, we seek people who have the same vibe as us to carry on understanding and harmony. We always look for circles of individuals we can call friends and family as we live our lives on the face of the planet.


Kenny is an author from Dibble, OK, who took to fame when a photo of him eating a burger became viral. He is a retired ironworker and is a 4th generation farmer in the Dibble and Blanchard communities in Oklahoma.

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